SAP ABAP ON S/4 HANA Demo Session

SAP ABAP Development on S/4 HANA Course Content

 Course Duration: 40-45  Hours

  1. Evolution and Overview of SAP HANA
    • SAP HANA Overview
    • Introduction to High Performance Analytical Architecture
    • SAP HANA as Database for other Applications
    • SAP HANA HW and SW Technology
    • SAP HANA Software Editions
    • Classical Vs New Approach
    • Row Store vs Column Store
    • Data Compression
    • Parallel Processing
    • Introduction to HANA Studio
    • Basic Principles of Eclipse
  2. New Open SQL Features
    • New features in Open SQL
    • New Open SQL Select
    • Case Statements in SQL
    • Joining Table Parameters
    • Few limitations that are removed
  3. ALV using IDA
    • SAP HANA – OO ABAP Concepts
    • Reporting in SAP HANA
    • ABAP List Viewer (ALV) with Integrated Data Access (IDA)
  4. Introduction to Core Data Services(CDS)
    • Paradigm Changes
    • CDS Enablement
    • ABAP CDS Architecture
    • ABAP CDS Views
    • CDS Annotations
  5. CDS SQL Features
    • General and Enhanced features
    • Simple CDS View& ABAP CDS Entity
    • Case expressions in CDS Views
    • ABAP CDS Literals
    • Joins in CDS Views
    • Aggregation, Grouping, Filtering groups
  6. Advanced concepts in CDS
    • Annotations and Unions in CDS Views
    • Consuming CDS Views
    • Embedding Views
    • View Extensions
    • ABAP CDS Associations
    • Path and Filter Expressions
    • View with Input parameters
  7. Exposing CDS views as OData Service
    • Three separate ways of using CDS Views as OData Service
    • Where exactly CDS views are used
  8. Taking ABAP to HANA
    • SAP HANA as Secondary DB Connection
    • Tools to analyze potential Functional and Performance issues in ABAP Programs
    • Performance Rules and Guidelines for SAP HANA
  9. Code to Data with SAP HANA as Secondary Database
    • Paradigm changes
    • Open SQL
    • ABAP Database Integration
    • Limitations of Open SQL in ABAP < 7.4
    • ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC)& its usage
    • Native SQL in ABAP
    • Testing Native SQL in HANA Studio
  10. HANA Artifacts, HANA Studio
    • Bottom Up approach AS ABAP < 7.4
    • Search Function in HANA Studio
    • HANA Views(All types)
    • Consuming HANA Views via Native SQL
    • Database Procedures in HANA Studio
    • Calling HANA procedures in ABAP
  11. Using ABAP Managed Database Procedures(AMDP)
    • Top Down approach as of ABAP 7.4
    • AMDPs
    • Database Procedures in ABAP
    • Creation of Triggers, Sequence etc.
    • AMDP Sample method
  12. SAP HANA Proxy Objects
    • Creating External Views in ADT
    • Data Type mapping between HANA and ABAP Dictionary
    • Access HANA Views via ABAP External Views
    • HANA Transport Container
    • Calling SAP HANA Procedures
    • Database Procedure proxies overview
    • Creating DB Procedure proxies in ADT
  13. Data Modeling
    • Attribute Views
    • Analytical Views
    • Calculation Views
  14. Miscellaneous
    • Naming Conventions
    • Quality Aspects
    • General Recommendations
    • Debugging in ADT
    • SAP Data Replication (SAP SLT)
    • Overview of Fiori Apps on HANA
    • OData Services
  15. Mock interview Questions & Answers