Course Duration: 40 Hours (Online Live & Interactive)

I.Introduction to SAP HANA (HA100)
1. Evolution of HANA
2. Introduction to SAP HANA
3. Introduction to SAP In-Memory Strategy and Technology
4. SAP HANA Landscape
5. SAP In-Memory Computing Product Strategy and Roadmap
II.HANA Studio Installation
1. Overview of Eclipse
2. SAP’s Eclipse Strategy
3. Installing the Development Environment
4. Installing SAP HANA Studio
5. Installing the ABAP Development Tools for SAP Net Weaver
6. Getting Started in the Development System
7. Basic Principles of Eclipse
8. ABAP Development Tools for SAP Net Weaver (ADT)

1.In-Memory Computing Studio
2.Administration view
3.Navigator View
4.System Monitor
5.Information Modeler
IV.SAP HANA Architecture
1.Architecture Overview
2.IMCE and Surroundings
3.Row Store
4.Column Store
5.Loading data into HANA
6.Data modeling concepts
8.Persistent Layer
9.Backup & Recovery

1. Motivation and Basic SQL Concept
2. Reading Data from View or Table
3. Aggregating Data
4. Understanding the NULL Values
5. Changing Data Stored in Tables
6. Using Views for Data Access

VI.SAP HANA Modeling (HA300)
8. Data Replication Technics(SLT)
9. Explain the different types of Joins.
10. Attribute View
11. Analytical view
12. Calculation view
13. Anonymous, UDF functions, Procedure blocks.
14. Explain the HANA Transport Life Cycle Management

VII.Taking ABAP to HANA (HA400)
1. Explain the Hana Evolution
2. Side Car Scenario
3. Bottom-Of-Approach
4. Top-Down-Approach
VIII.How to consume the data (Sidecar Scenario)
1. How to Consume the data into ABAP using Native SQL
2. How to Consume the data into ABAP using ADBC
3. How to consume in ABAP using Native SQL(HANA Procedure’s)
4. How to consume in ABAP using ADBC(HANA Procedure’s)
IX.HANA is Primary Data Base but ABAP is not optimized
1. Working with Views in SAP HANA Studio
2. Working with Procedure’s in SAP HANA Development
3. Accessing SAP HANA Views via External Views in ABAP
4. Calling SAP HANA Procedures via ABAP Database Procedure(Proxies)
X.Introduction to ADT and New Open SQL Syntax
1. Explain the ADT Shortcuts and Explain the ABAP Perspective
2. Explain the Inline Data Declarations
3. Explain the Performance tool’s Like ATC, SQLM, SWLT, SYCM etc…
4. Explain the Debugging Technics using Eclipse.
XI.HANA is Primary and ABAP is optimized
1. CDS Introduction
2. CDS Associations
3. CDS Views on View
4. CDS Table Function
5. CDS Annotations
6. Creating your own OData Services on to of CDS Views
7. AMDP Introduction
8. Advantage of AMDP
9. Apply filter and Selection screen parameter’s using AMDP and CDS
10. ABAP List Viewer (ALV) with Integrated Access to SAP HANA
11. Full Text Search
12. Fuzzy search helps with SAP HANA

XII.Advanced Topics(S/4 HANA CDS VDM)
1. Introduction to S/4 HANA and explain the GUI changes and features
2. Meta Data Extension annotations
3. Enabled the DML operations using BOPF Annotation
4. Basic/Interface Views
5. Composite Views
6. Consumption Views
7. Explain the Fiori Smart template using WEB IDE
8. Usage of S/4Hana Reediness check( Post Implement the S/4 HANA)
9. How can utilize the Call Browser and View Browser Technics
10. Explain the usage of Fiori Templates